Think Nourishment On-The-Go!

Food Discipline

Think nature's nourishment on-the-go

Think ahead. What is your “go to” for breakfast, morning, & afternoon snacks? These are vital eating times of day for 2 reasons; 1) You must start your day with a nutrient dense meal to fuel the body, 2) Why snack on empty calories when you can eat vital sources of minerals and maco-nutrients by snacking on nuts, seeds, berries, protein wraps, smoothies & so much more to feed your body for living a vivacious life!

When you experience a change in your daily routine and stock up on dry goods for breakfast and snacking. Get yourself travel bags specific for food such as a cute lunch pack. Prepare simple Oatmeal packets* and get some hot water. Have tea bags on hand because hot water is a staple on your food journey. Supplements are important, especially on the go. In winter months I use supplements such as Zinc & Vitamin C for warding off colds, Vitamin D (we are all deficient here in the Northeast) and lots of stress busting Vitamin B12. I also found these awesome vitamin packets called “Isotonix” you mix with water and drink on an empty stomach before breakfast. Check them out here:

I also highly suggest purchasing a smoothie shaker; one with a spiral ball to mix well (see image above). You can make single “on the go” smoothies from a high quality protein powder such as Vega VanillaOrganic Amazing Meal or buy on the go single serving envelopes of your favorite brand. You will save a ton of $ when you bring your own smoothie or homemade juice, especially when these go for between $5-$8 per day!

Don’t be shy & tell your restaurant or hotel what you need. You can even frame your request by indicating you are allergic to some foods & require some minor customization to meet your needs. No one in a service industry wants you to have a bad experience & should be accommodating, especially when more and more people are focused on what they are consuming these days.

Another important note; know you may have to concede to your environment to feel satisfied. No one wants you to starve nor should you EVER feel deprived! This is where you need to listen to your body to know what makes you feel light and invigorated, what drags you down, clogs your thinking, gives you brain fog and throws a wrench in your digestion. For example, when I travel, I choose flesh protein when plant based protein is not appetizing or abundant. I avoid dairy at all costs and I’ll admit, its not easy but always worth the challenge (my digestion is ever so grateful!). I limit gluten products these days therefore I bank my “carbs” & conservatively enjoy if there are no other options or when I come across a rare favorite. I don’t beat myself up but “earn the splurge” (#earnthesplurge) by preparing ahead.

Most importantly, I always remember the rules of my plate at all times. ½ my plate is plant based veggies & fruit, ¼ protein, ¼ grains and avoid anything fried or oily. You can read more about your plate at
When I return home, I go back to my usual habits like my favorite - morning juicing!

At all costs, be sure to listen to what your body tells you every step of the way so you can build your knowledge about what YOUR body needs, likes and dislikes. If you are unsure how to identify your body's language contact me for a free health history & we can continue the conversation. You can write me about how you manage eating healthy on the go or tell me what your challenges are at, I'd love to hear from you.