Why Personal Boundaries are Important


One of the most important lessons I've learned is how to create personal boundaries. Instead of swallowing someone's criticism, or worse, negatively responding to what you just don't want to hear, there is a constructive and tactful way to take the high road.
First and foremost, you cannot control the other person; how you respond is all you have control over. You need to understand this to remain calm and rationale. This is the start of creating a safe and nurturing space for yourself that allows you to think and digest what comes at you. Remember, this applies in social and work situations. Your personal strength and self-respect are what guide you through any challenging situation.
When you successfully do this you learn valuable life lessons about yourself and those around you. You can also look at this from a spiritual perspective whereby you can find the lessons in everyday interactions. When pondering your daily conversations, arguments, and challenges, I encourage you to be present in your body by taking a 3-part breath*, go for a walk and sense all that is around you. Most importantly, think of at least 1 thing you are grateful for in this moment. Write it down and intend an outcome for YOUR highest good and that is not maliciously at the expense of others.
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*Yes, you can do this while walking, stretching and of course yoga! Read more about 3-part breath at: ‪yoga.about.com/od/breathing/a/threepartbreath.htm

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